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I always add a pinch of sugar when using tinned tomatoes as it takes away the acidic taste but be careful not to make them too sweet. Sugar also works in vinaigrettes, although again be careful to add just a pinch, it’s like salt in some respects, so can be treated as a seasoning.


When frying meat, take out of the fridge an hour before and pat dry before cooking as this will help prevent the meat from spitting.


The single most important thing is the importance of the mise. An abbreviation of the French term mise en place, it means you get all your prepped ingredients in one place before you even turn on the stove. I do it every time. And when you don’t, something bad happens—like leaving the an ingredient out of the pie filling. So do like the experts, and prep until you can’t prep anymore.


When making a BBQ marinade whisk a little oil into the sauce before brushing onto the meat as this will help it stop sticking


When you roast a chicken, allow it to cool for 15 minutes but turn it on its breast as this will allow the juices to permeate and prevent the chicken drying out.

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