Cook like a Masterchef

Work along side Souffle's inspirational chef Nick Evenden on a range of 'one to one' cooking lessons

Souffle Cooking Lessons

Did you ever want to be able to cook like a MasterChef?

Like pretty much anything in life; the more experience and knowledge you have the more you will enjoy it and never has this been more appropriate than in the kitchen.

Now you have the chance to work along side Souffle’s inspirational chef Nick Evenden on a range of ‘one to one’ cooking lessons that can be tailored to your particular areas of interest from preparation to presentation.

Our interactive, hands on lessons are great fun and you could even share the experience with your partner, a small group of friends or just to get your kids started in the kitchen, but either way we can provide you with a day out to be remembered.

Souffle Cooking Lessons can be a unique great gift idea or be used to help celebrate special occasions and every attendee gets a Souffle Catering School Certificate signed by Nick.

We can’t promise you’ll be the next new TV celebrity chef but we can ensure you will learn a lot about the culinary art and have a wonderfully enjoyable time in the kitchen of our very own award winning chef.

For more information about the range of Souffle Cooking Lessons options available and how we can tailor them to your particular areas of interest then please call 01622 738666 or send an email and we will get back to you as quickly as possible.

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